Amu Classic & Kappie On What Makes Them Distinct From Other Artists

Amu Classic & Kappie On What Makes Them Distinct From Other Artists. Music entertainers Amukelani Mnisi, fondly known as Amu Classic, and Kappie, whose real name is Linda Mahlomola Sibata, are aiming to do big in their music craft after years of following their passion.

They shared with The Star elements that make them distinct from other artists, highlighting the sound they produce. “Our sound has its uniqueness because we here to deliver a message, and we aim to ensure that people get inspired by our music,” they shared.

They say their journey began as a dream that they decided to pursue without anticipating that they would be where they are today. The duo met years ago after discovering that they share the same amount of love and determination for music.

The amount of belief they have in themselves and what they can do has earned them success. Today, they can boast about their music journey, which has been on an upward trajectory since they met. The music talents recently released their song titled Idlozi, which is currently doing well. Their last single, ‘Qhude’, received over 770k audio streams and 8.7 million radio airplay impressions.

Mnisi and Sibata also speak about their proudest moments revealing it was when they produced their first EP. “I would probably say for us when we started with our first Ep together called Success with amazing artists featured in it it’s where we realised that we going somewhere as a team and people started to focus more on our music and its growth so for us that was a great feeling, and One for the World album really revealed our maturity, musically.”

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