Pics! Djy Jaivane Buys Himself A R1.2 Million Car

Pics! Djy Jaivane Buys Himself A R1.2 Million Car. Amapiano isn’t only dominating dance floors all over the country, it’s taken over everything from the airwaves to township streets. It’s hard to pin down exactly where the genre fits in, but the sound combines deep house music with an upbeat jazzy piano feel. And it’s made DJ Jaivane quite popular.

DJ Jaivane has bought himself a brand new luxurious car worth R1.2 million. The star took to social media to show off his new white Audi RS3 whip and captioned it: “I don’t regret being good to anyone, because at some point they needed it.” See pics:

They get thousands of rands for every appearance but Jaivane says it was never about money. “Even though I was broke, I was at my happiest when I was DJing. Apart from just being DJs, we owe our success to being consistent and dedicated to creating and playing quality music,” he said.

Looking back at how far he’s come, he gets a bit emotional. “I can’t believe I’m here. From having nothing and being no one, I’m now known and respected. A well-known DJ. Wow. “There are people I grew up with and started this DJing thing with and today they are drunkards and on street corners doing nothing with their lives,” he shared.

“But this is where you see how great God is. Perseverance. Back in 2014 I’d probably get R350 to play. I would be happy to get it. I could have given up like others did along the way. I’m so happy I didn’t. The success is sweet, the hard work has paid off, but they’ve learnt having your feet firmly on the ground is important,” he concluded.

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