Djy Jaivane Reacts To Being On The No.1 Spot On Top Podcasts In South Africa

Djy Jaivane Reacts To Being On The No.1 Spot On Top Podcasts In South Africa. First there was kwaito, then house and then gqom was the talk of the town. Now South Africans are jamming to a new kind of beat.Amapiano isn’t only dominating dance floors all over the country, it’s taken over everything from the airwaves to township streets. It’s hard to pin down exactly where the genre fits in, but the sound combines deep house music with an upbeat jazzy piano feel. And it’s made the likes of DJ Jaivane quite popular.

Djy Jaivane continues to make headlines as his music is topping charts. The star took to social media to celebrate a major milestone in his career as his mixtapes have topped the number 1 spot in Apple Podcasts in South Africa, surpassing MacG’s Podcast and Chill. Jaivane thanked his fans for the support in a caption that reads: “Numbers don’t lie. I thank you all for your continuous support. Y’all are appreciated.”

It took a while for Jaivane to break into the industry and become the well respected artist he is today. “I can’t believe I’m here. From having nothing and being no one, I’m now known and respected. A well-known DJ. Wow. There are people I grew up with and started this DJing thing with and today they are drunkards and on street corners doing nothing with their lives. But this is where you see how great God is. Perseverance,” Jaivane says.

“Back in 2014 I’d probably get R350 to play. I would be happy to get it. I could have given up like others did along the way. I’m so happy I didn’t. The success is sweet, the hard work has paid off, but they’ve learnt having your feet firmly on the ground is important,” he added.

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