Focalistic Reacts To Being Verified On Social Media

Focalistic Reacts To Being Verified On Social Media. From Dubai to the UK, Focalistic has been flying the South African flag high while performing in different parts of the world, thanks to the amapiano genre being at its peak. Apart from his music, Focalistic says being himself has granted him opportunities to travel across the world and kept his audience captivated.

Focalistic woke up to a blue tick next to his social media handle on Twitter. The ‘Ke Star’ hitmaker has just been verified on Twitter and he took to social media to share his reaction to the recognition. “Verified BOYZ World Wide,” he wrote. Check it out:

Though Focalistic mostly raps in vernacular, that has not stopped him from appearing on a Times Square billboard.β€œIt’s also crazy that saying Ase trap ke pina tsa ko Kasi … one can end up in Times Square, I think for me that’s crazy!” With all the fame and success the rapper has acquired, he says what’s more important to him is making music. β€œI came here for the music and nothing else … I never wanted to be famous,” he wrote in a tweet.

On Wednesday, Focalistic was one of many people who gave big sums of money to Nigerian singer Davido.This comes after Davido used his Twitter account to reveal information about his account and mock individuals who knew him for sending him money in exchange for successful songs.”If you know I gave you a famous song,” he wrote, “give me money… una know una selfs oo.”The Ke Star singer has resorted to Instagram to declare that he sees Davido expecting 1 million naira (about 40,000 rand) from him and other musicians, and that he is willing to pay the figure there. “I heard my boy Davido wants a million naira,” Focalistic remarked. Following that, Focalistic posted a screenshot of his gift to Davido.

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