DBN Gogo Reveals The Number Of Gigs She’s Booked For This Weekend

DBN Gogo Reveals The Number Of Gigs She’s Booked For This Weekend. Mandisa Radebe widely known as DBN Gogo has taken the DJing scene by storm since her introduction to the game last year. Whether it is her sets that leave people begging for more or her unique dances, she has set the game ablaze. Having played at events such as Ultra, Oppikoppi, Homecoming Africa & worked with brands such as Strawberry Lips & Ray-Ban, she has been able to do everything her way.

The star is always booked and busy, and she took to social media to share how much love she has been receiving from events and promoters as she revealed that she has 17 gigs for this weekend alone. Check it out:

Speaking on the importance of releasing music as a DJ, she explained that it sets one’s set apart from the rest. “I think as an artist, it is important to release stuff & also as a DJ. It just fits the nature & climate of our industry. You can’t really do much. There’s a threshold you can reach until you start releasing music. So, you have to have your own stuff because there’s also there must be something different about your set compared to the next person. So, you need to have something else original. There are certain gigs you can’t get if you not actively involved in dropping music. That’s just how our industry is,” she said.

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