Mpho Sebina Recreates The Late Brenda Fassie’s Old Hit Single

Mpho Sebina Recreates The Late Brenda Fassie’s Old Hit Single. Mpho Sebina has been making some boss moves recently in her illustrious music career. The songstress was recently featured in Major League DJ’s smash hit Dinaledi, which is currently doing well on various music platforms and, it has garnered 280 000 listens on YouTube

Amapiano vocalist Mpho Sebina has decided to remake one of the late Brenda Fassie’s classic songs “Too late for mama”. The new track marks a first taste of Gallo Record Company’s ambitious remix series that will see the music stable remake some classics from their rich archives using up-and-coming African artists with DJ Black Coffee as executive producer.

Chicco Twala, the original producer of the song, told Sowetan on Thursday that Sebina did the song justice, even more than American musician Alicia Keys. The Grammy winner performed the song in 2010. “It’s different and interesting. What I like about it is that the original was of that time and she [Sebina] made it to be of present time. She has done a great job. The producers did a good job too,” Twala said.

“If Brenda was here, she would be proud; Brenda used to like up-and-coming singers. Alicia Keys sang that song and she couldn’t get it right. A lot of people have also tried and when Gallo told me that they have found someone, I never believed that she would crack it, especially after Alicia Keys had challenges getting it right. This young lady did it justice. I have never met her [Sebina], I only know her voice on the song, but she is one of the most talented people I have ever heard,” he explained.

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