Maphorisa Shares His Feelings On Not Being Appreciated For What He Did For The Amapiano Movement

Maphorisa Shares His Feelings On Not Being Appreciated For What He Did For The Amapiano Movement. Themba Sekowe also known as DJ Maphorisa has been hitting the industry for quite a while now. The star has become a pioneer of Mzansi’s biggest genre being amapiano, and he together with other amapiano artists have worked successfully on introducing amapiano to a wider audience. Maphorisa is also known for discovering talent such as the likes of Kabza De Small, whom he featured massively with.

Maphorisa took to social media to share how he feels about not being appreciated for what he did for the Amapiano movement. The star said the only reason amapiano is big today, it is because he opened all his heart for it. He further went on to mention that he invested his life to it. “The other reason why Amapiano is big it’s because i opened all my heart for it. I invested my life but no one will give me credit whr is well well. Let me enjoy my money then,” he wrote.

Since the start of amapiano Maphorisa was there and still is even today. The star explained what motivated him to invest in amapiano, saying: “With my gigs, I wanted to understand people’s reactions to this new sound because amapiano was underground. What really sparked my interest in the genre was that, at the time, I was looking to get into something that originated in South Africa. Amapiano is part of kwaito and dance music. When I started working with Afrobeats, which hails from Western Africa, I felt that we didn’t have a sound that strongly represented South Africa. When I started paying close attention to amapiano, I knew that this was a sound that would take South Africa to the world. There’s a lot that you can do with amapiano — you can make it soulful, funky, dusty and hard or jazz it up.”

The star said he knew that at some point, the then popular music genre qgom would be irrelevant, hence He made amapiano more accessible than qgom. “At some point, I knew that gqom would reach its sell-by date because it was fast-paced and dark. I find that once a genre becomes dark, the songs end up sounding the same. Gqom was dope but I also felt like it was, only, for certain people. However, with amapiano, I realised quite early on that there was a lot that we could do with it,” he explained.

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