Maphorisa Pens Apology To Makwa And Dr Malinga

Maphorisa Pens Apology To Makwa And Dr Malinga. Dr Malinga responded to DJ Maphorisa’s recent Facebook LIVE rant warning him to “stop hating on him or else”, saying he doesn’t take kindly to threats against his life or safety, mentioning that he would open a case should he not apologize. This comes after Maphorisa allegedly threw ‘gun threats’ at Dr Malinga.

Dj maphorisa took to social media to pen an apology to artists he’s offended, being Dr Malinga and Makwa. He wrote that he sometimes gets carried away. “I tripped sorry guys i become soft n sensitive sometimes. Makwa i love u boy im sorry I tripped. Dr Malinga askis grootman laka. Let’s push love forward. Let’s make music guys and feed our families,” he wrote. See post:

This comes after Maphorisa took to Facebook LIVE on Monday saying he didn’t understand why the Via Orlando hitmaker had a tendency of hating on him. In the LIVE, the DJ gave Malinga an ultimatum demanding he be transparent with how he feels about him or he would take the matter to a different level.“Even you Malinga stop watching my show [live]. Malinga is on and off. You have to be f*cken straight with me. It’s either you hate me or you love me. It’s either we fix this thing, we just be nice people from Pretoria or just leave us alone. When we bump into each other let it pop of once, I [could] take guns and leave with my security. You must fix this thing of yours. .I don’t know why you f*cken hate me or you hate my success,” he said.

Dr Malinga said he doesn’t take well to threats and was surprised as to what he was talking about. “He’s acting like a gangster now. I could open a case against him any time I want but I’m waiting for him to apologise. If he doesn’t apologise I have to open a case. I won’t be threatened to be killed. If someone kills me with a gun people will think it’s him. He’s busy jeopardising what he worked hard for. He worked very hard to mention guns. We don’t have to be like that,” he said.

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