Vigro Deep Reveals Why He Doesn’t Call His Sound Amapiano

Vigro Deep Reveals Why He Doesn’t Call His Sound Amapiano. DJ Vigro Deep is one of the most recognizable figures in the genre as his music has been commanding dance floors across the country. His run in the last three years has been unmatched, especially for an artist his age. 

Vigro Deep started DJing and producing at a young age, and before amapiano was a thing, he was into dee house. “I was interested in doing music for a while, I even started as a rapper. Then I just found some friends who were into this genre of Amapiano. My dad was already doing deep house, so I think I got the talent from him and I just went with it. When I first started, I was more into the deep house side, just channeling what I was used to then I started growing into Amapiano because it’s a nice sound for the streets. Then, by the time I was making Amapiano, people were saying my sound wasn’t really Amapiano, and I agree. I don’t call my sound Amapiano, but I understand why it would be described like that because it has some of the elements,” he explained.

While he doesn’t his sound amapiano, Vigro said, “I’ll say it’s more like electro-house music. You know, I’m making music for the world, not just for Africa, not just for South Africa. I’m making music out of the box, that’s why I’m very creative when I make my music. I make motion tracks where there’s a whole lot of things in there.”

And while the Atteridgeville-born producer and DJ has established a staple sound, he has decided to switch his style with his new release, “The Rise of a Baby Boy.” The album signifies his growth as a musician and as a man. He fuses amapiano with jazz and R&B sensibilities and the record relies more on vocals than production in comparison to his previous works. 

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