Abidoza Reacts To A Fan Who Was Surprised About His Age

Abidoza Reacts To A Fan Who Was Surprised About His Age. Abidoza and his 10-year career has brought him to a place where is undeniable. The multi-talented producer is nudging his way into the Amapiano mainstage with consistent hits and working with some of the best artists in the country. The star currently has some of the biggest yanos track topping charts.

It seems the TL was quite surprised after learning about the age of their favourite DJ and producer Abidoza who turned out to be 24 years of age. The star reacted to a fan who was surprised about his age and he laughed at the fact that they thought he had reached his thirties. The star confirmed once again that he is 24 years old. See tweet:

Born and raised in Marokolong Hammanskraal, Amogelang Thorne Chabangu developed a passion and drive for music. This then gave birth to the ABIDOZA brand. With over 10 years of experience in the South African music industry his first major production came in 2018 when he produced the hit song Baby Boy with Tumza D’Kota and Tsitso. Having mastered the art of production he went on to release his debut album titled Musical Touch in 2019.

He also dropped ‘Motho ke Motho Ka Batho’ featuring Mpho Sebina and Jay Sax. “There are things that go beyond money, there are certain things we remember about people where what they have done for us, weighs more than any money they can give. It’s a song about being human and the little things that mean the world. There are certain offerings we can give that don’t cost a thing,” Abidoza explained the meaning of his song.

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