Amapiano Artists React To Jorja Smith’s New Amapiano Song

Amapiano Artists React To Jorja Smith’s New Amapiano Song. With amapiano being the biggest sound inSouth Africa and some parts of the world at the moment, artists from other genres and outside South Africa, are witnessed being taken by the sound. British singer and songwriter Jorja Smith released a piano song which led to different opinions from amapiano artists and fans.

Amapiano artists took to social media to express their views and opinion on British singer Jorja Smith’s new amapiano track. The stars were not happy with the fact that she released a piano song without one of its pioneers. As a south African sound, artists understand where the sound comes from and also have even made a culture of it, which led to some views stating that whatever happened to gqom, will happen to amapiano should they not act on it.

Cassper reacted to the song, saying that the vocals were great, however, the beats needed one of its pioneers between Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, De Mthuda or Abidoza. “A touch from Kabza De Small, De Mthuda or Abidoza woulda sent this through the roof. Vocals are fire doe! Piano to the world!!,” he wrote.

He also defended his tweet sticking to what he said about the beat missing the pioneers. “I never said anything about Guilty. I said the song is missing a touch from the Amapiano producers. Kabza De Small , De Mthuda or Abidoza woulda added magic to it. Especially cause she said piano to the world , meaning she was looking for the Amapiano sound.” See tweet:

Amapiano producer and disc jockey DBN Gogo also took to social media to share her sentiments on Jorja Smith’s new piano song. She wrote, “Amapiano hasn’t even tasted the top ten in global charts but we must allow people to come dilute and run with the sound so it can grow? What then happens to the pioneers? Aowa.” She further went on to say, “Western artists are topping our charts all the time yet we can’t infiltrate their markets in the same way. The global outlook of piano cannot come from anywhere besides here. It happened to gqom. We cannot allow it again.” DBN Gogo also mentioned that the same way Maphorisa said he will never make piano without Kabza, the rule should also apply when it comes to international artists. “The same way Phorry has said on many occasions that he won’t make piano without Kabza. The principles apply,” she concluded.

Focalistic also mentioned that International artists should not forget the pioneers of the sound, rather collaborate with them than compete. “Amapiano to the world Never forget the pioneers… Never forget that it’s South Africa’s gift to the world! Respect it! Honour the pioneers and you’ll be good. It’s always been about collaboration over competition! COLLABORATE WITH SAUTA,” he wrote.

DJ PH also commented on Jorja’s tweet, stating that it is the original amapiano. See tweet:

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