DJ Stokie Speaks On The Birth Of Amapiano

DJ Stokie Speaks On The Birth Of Amapiano. Amapiano isn’t only dominating dance floors all over the country, it’s taken over everything from the airwaves to township streets. DJ Stokie is often credited as one of the first few deejays to play and popularise amapiano in Soweto back in the popular genre’s burgeoning days.

“It took a while for people to love it but now they have no choice. It would be weird to have a party without a set or two of amapiano playing. It’s spreading like wildfire, yet some critics feel the new genre has buried the Durban gqom sound, which took over a few years ago and became ‘the new kwaito’,” Stokie explained.

Some think DJ Stokie is the one who pioneered the sound – and he certainly believes so. “I’ve been playing the piano for years and years. I heard this unique sound from these other DJs called MFR Souls from the East Rand and I loved it. When I started playing this sound, I somehow introduced it to people.” Stokie explained on who the originators of amapiano are.

Stokie has just released a documentary titled ‘iPiano eSoweto’ which details his musical journey through his lens and that of friends, peers and fans. The doccie uncovers Stokie’s journey and the role he played on amapiano’s rise from a township genre to a worldwide phenomenon. “I think for me it’s a takeover, man. People are dancing to amapiano… So Stokie is a game changer” are the words that open the documentary. They best describe the genre’s current status and Stokie’s impact on its growth.”

Watch the full interview here:

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