Kabza De Small Celebrates His Debut Album As It Turns 1

Kabza De Small Celebrates His Debut Album As It Turns 1. When Spotify released its list of the most streamed South African artists in South Africa for 2019, it wasn’t surprising to see Kabza De Small sitting at the top of the list. Kabza established himself as one of the biggest pioneers of the sound, and perhaps more meaningfully, he evolved alongside amapiano which he helped introduce to a wider audience.

Kabza rose to fame after amapiano became one of the fastest growing sounds of Mzansi. Amapiano is an infectious blend of Kwaito basslines, Deep House, Jazz and Bacardi (a folk-dance style originated in Pretoria) steadily gained ground amongst township youths. Amapiano became a bigger part of youth culture, key players began to emerge, and it’s a testament to Kabza’s star power that he’s at the top of the pyramid. Following his 2020 studio album titled ‘I Am The King Of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust’ which became a success, has just turned a year old. Taking to social media, Kabza celebrated the milestone of his album and captioned it: “Another special day and milestone for me, Today marks 1year since the release of my debut “ I Am The King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust “ so we dressed the part to celebrate with all of you.”

Kabza De Small’s 2020 album ‘I Am The King Of Amapiano (Sweet And Dust)’ houses of 27 dope tracks featuring top notchers in Mzansi and in Nigeria. The album goes beyond the conceit of self-approval—it’s a creative landmark that offers a full glare into the limitless potential of Amapiano itself.

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