DJ Jaivane Shows Off His Studio

DJ Jaivane Shows Off His Studio. First there was kwaito, then house and then gqom was the talk of the town. Now South Africans are jamming to a fresh kind of beat. Amapiano isn’t only dominating dance floors all over the country, it’s taken over everything from the airwaves to township streets. And it has made DJ Jaivane quite popular.

Dj Jaivane is one piano veteran who has continued to rise through the ranks with his unmatched mixes and at the same time striving to make a difference with his high impactful soulful and classic Piano productions. The star recently took to social media to show off his studio called ‘Simnandi Records’. Check it out below:

Back in the days, he would get a plate of food as payment for DJing at an event. “Even though I was broke, I was at my happiest when I was DJing. Apart from just being DJs, we(him and Stokie) owe our success to being consistent and dedicated to creating and playing quality music,” DJ Jaivane said.

 When he started working with DJ Stokie, they used to get paid R150 on some weekends, and then it rose to R350 in 2014. Back in 2014 I’d probably get R350 to play. He said, “I would be happy to get it. I could have given up like others did along the way. I’m so happy I didn’t.”

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