6 Things You Should Know About Babalwa M

6 Things You Should Know About Babalwa M. Dubbed “Private School Amapiano” for its sophisticated attention to jazz, deep house and vibrant instrumentals, artists such as Babalwa M are responsible for continuing to keep so-called underground roots of amapiano simultaneously pristine and crispy fresh

Here are 6 things you should know about Babalwa M:

1 Babalwa M is a female vocalist from Protea Glen Soweto, South Africa. 

2 Like many others, this remarkable vocalist began her career in the choir.

3 he released her first solo project about four months ago titled Aluta Continua. The album is nothing short of an inner being healer it has sounds of reassurance and restoration that even if there may be struggles the journey continues.

4 Babalwa M is best known for her gleaming vocals on pioneer Kelvin Momo’s productions, such as “iMali,” on the 2020 smash EP Bayeke

5 Changing the Music Game with Her Sounds, she ultimately teamed up with Kelvin Momo in 2020 and released the E.P. “Bayeke,” which included the hit song “Feza.”

6 This legendary singer-songwriter is a formidable force, embracing her musical journey as one of the country’s hottest new artists, and every tune she’s produced has been worth it for those who value more jazz, soul, and pure piano excellence.

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