Musa Keys Reveals What Needs To Happen In Order For Him To Drop A Tsonga Amapiano Track

Musa Keys Reveals What Needs To Happen In Order For Him To Drop A Tsonga Amapiano Track. Amapiano star Musa Keys has been on fire releasing hit after hit to cement his career in showbiz. He has joined a long list of stars that are growing the genre in Mzansi. Born Musa Appreciate Makamu in Giyani, in the northeastern part of Limpopo Province, he got his start making music as a teenager. He studied sound engineering for a spell but soon dropped out, reasoning that he’d already taught himself everything he needed to know. Though he originally made trap music, Musa Keys claims that his chosen genre “chose” him.

Beginning with singles like 2019’s “Hey Wena,” 2020’s “Samarian Boy,” and 2021’s “Vula Mlomo,” featuring amapiano heavyweights Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi, the artist who calls himself the “Tsonga Michael Jackson” was soon making his own indelible mark on the genre. When a fan asked him when he would drop a Tsonga song, Musa replied by saying he would do so when Tsonga iconic musician Benny Mayengani decides to join Amapiano. Check it out:

In an interview early this year, Musa said he is surprised that his fans understand his sound.“I think my sound is just weird and unique, it takes a lot, it even surprises me sometimes that people understand the music, because sometimes there is nothing being said in my music but it’s very relatable and heartfelt by my listeners.“It doesn’t say much but it bangs a lot, it’s very straight forward. At the same time I’m a smooth operator, my music is so smooth.”

The self-proclaimed “Tsonga Michael Jackson” says most of the things that have happened in his life were because he was manifesting them. “I saw it coming, I always meditate. I always envision myself and I always manifest on things that I see myself doing. I tell myself things I’m gonna be doing in the near future, like I’m going to be on the Forbes under 30 this year and then it’s going to happen. So I always put myself in positions where whenever those things come I’m not really surprised. I’m just grateful that it finally came,” he added.

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