Musa Keys Reacts To His Latest Album Topping Number 1 Chart On Apple Music

Musa Keys Reacts To His Latest Album Topping Number 1 Chart On Apple Music. Musa Appreciate Makamu, Musa Keys to his fans, seems to have it all. Musa Keys has produced multiple chart-topping hits such as Samarian boy, Vula Mlomo and Possible. He was born in Giyani and is the eldest of two children. He has always been a creative child from a young age and always wanted to do things that he loves the most and that bring him joy.

Musa Keys drops his long awaited “Tayo Album”. This features Musa Keys genre-bending style and it spans the spheres of soulful House, Underground Piano, and PSP.The project which holds eight song was promoted by the single “Wena” which featured Lebza TheVillain and Sino Msolo. It hasn’t been that long since Musa dropped his album, however, it is topping the number 1 chart on Apple Music. The star took to social media to share his reaction and wrote: “Softly chilling there by No.1 in Dance Category💃🏾 #tayo Is such a beautiful album Man, stream it up.”

Musa Keys fell in love with music at a young age and he decided quite early to pursue it.

So, after graduating high school he went on to study sound engineering at Damelin but dropped out during his second year.“I felt like we were stagnant and that I was being taught things that I already know. I had already done music and I was already a part of the industry that’s when I decided to drop out to pursue my music because I saw that it was starting to work out. At first, I didn’t think there would come a time where music would be my only focus, I always that I was going to be an architect

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