Kamo Mphela Shares How Technology And The Digital Era Has Since Impacted African Female Artists

Kamo Mphela Shares How Technology And The Digital Era Has Since Impacted African Female Artists. Kamo Mphelo also known as the newly acclaimed Queen of Amapiano, a dancer and MC that rose to fame through social media. Kamo Mphela has an incredible online presence that cannot be denied. She has managed to convert her online influence into real-life influence and be a forerunner in a movement that has taken South Africa by storm. From releasing music to taking a shot at presenting on TV and even influencing the masses with her polarizing dance moves, Kamo Mphela cannot be stopped.

Kamo Mphela opened up about African female artists making it into the mainstream due to the impact of technology and the digital age. “I believe we have always had African female superstars. We just haven’t had the global stage representation until now,” she said. “Now, with the rise of technology and the digital age, we are seeing more of our African female artists and their art being showcased and spotlighted,” she added.

Kamo Mphela is part of a class of fast-rising African female superstars and one of the most influential presences in amapiano. While there have always been female musicians paving the way in Africa, the ratio of male superstars performing on a global level to female artists on that same level has always been poor. During the 2000s, which saw the rise of Wizkid, Fuse ODG, P-Square, Sarkodie, Davido, Don Jazzy, and more, it became more apparent than ever how male-dominated the music industry was in Africa.

Dancing to predominantly Amapiano tracks is what led to her endorsing the Amapiano Lifestyle. Her dance moves on stage while MC’ing and hanging at festivals is what led to her popularity. After the rise in popularity online and the inner Amapiano circles, Kamo eventual hooked up with Jobe London on hit single titled ‘Sukendleleni’ which is where Kamo’s career began.

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