Kamo Mphela Gets Candid On Her Experience Performing With Mzekezeke Years Ago

Kamo Mphela Gets Candid On Her Experience Performing With Mzekezeke Years Ago. Kamo Mphela’s success has been extremely rapid, and probably intense for a 22-year-old artist. Super rapid growth always bears the risk of a super rapid fall, but the singer has a plan for herself and the whole amapiano movement.

Growing up, Kamo Mphela had already fallen in love with dancing and being an MC. While on the #braaishowwithcass, Cassper asked Kamo about her experience dancing with Mzekezeke years ago. “I performed alongside him, I was a dancer when he was singing that song oh guca ngama dolo,” Kamo said. “I was still young so I doubt he’d remember me today, I doubt many people remember me but yeah man,” she added.

Mzekezeke is a hugely popular and masked kwaito singer from the South African township of Tembisa, north-east of Johannesburg. The iconic faceless man behind the mask, Mzekezeke has always been known to be DJ Sbu, real name, Sbusiso Leope amongst fans. However, the two continue to deny the claims, and insist that they are two different individuals.

Kamo Mphela on the other hand has been making big massive moves. Few months ago, the entertainer made it known that she has great plans for this year’s birthday, and we can see she’s on the move already, as she’s secured herself and her team a house for the birthday. Kamo had a huge break into the industry and within the past one to two years, she’s been able to maintain the energy.Within this time frame, the star has been consistently talked about. From being a Drake’s spec, to being compared to Doja Cat, to people saying she reminds them of the late iconic Lebo Mathosa.

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