Is Adiwele The Only Song Uncle Waffles Play? Black Twitter Weighs In

Is Adiwele The Only Song Uncle Waffles Play? Black Twitter Weighs In. Uncle Waffles – whose real name is Lungelihle Zwane is the hottest DJ on the block right now and is even followed by award-winning rapper, Drake. She went from begging to play a 5-minute set in a club to becoming one of the most booked DJs in the country in a matter of days.

Last month Uncle Waffles took social media by storm with her infectious dance moves as she deejayed in front of a packed crowd.Now, the DJ has been officially verified on Twitter.Having a blue tick next to your name on social media may not be a big deal for some, but it was something worth celebrating for Uncle Waffles.

When she was thrust into the spotlight a couple of months ago her signature song was Adiwele by Youngstunna ft Kabza De Small and it took Mzansi by storm. Now that the song has gained her critical acclaim in showbiz, tweeps are wondering if that’s the only song she prefers on her sets. A viral video doing the rounds on the TLs has tweeps in a frenzy trying to figure out if there’s more that the DJ can offer.

The track was trending number one of Twitter with social media users weighing in on whether this is the only thing she does. Some tweeps have explained that they have seen videos of hers, and in all the videos, she was playing the same song. While some have explained that she should continue playing it considering that it is the song that helped her blow into fame. Check out the reactions:

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