Focalistic Jokingly Shares What His Content Is Going To Be About In 2022

Focalistic Jokingly Shares What His Content Is Going To Be About In 2022. Spitting over simmering amapiano tracks since 2017, South African rapper Focalistic has taken rap music into brand new terrain with his amapiano anthems. Born on the 28th of May, 1996, Focalistic had planned to become a footballer before finding love for music which he ventured into. His invasion proceeded in 2019 which was accompanied by a couple of hit tracks including Overload.

Focalistic has jokingly shared that from next year, his content will only be about his girlfriend. Taking to Twitter with candle emojies, which symbolises manifestation, he wrote: “From January 2022 … all my content will be my girlfriend this.. my girlfriend that.”

We got introduced to him in 2017 when he dropped but in all honesty, Focalistic has been making music for way longer. His style of music is versatile and he calls it Pina Tsa Ko Kasi. He has jumped on straight Trap beats to more Kwaito influenced ones and more recently, Amapiano, in all of them showcasing his rap skills. He first met Cassper Nyovest back in 2017 when he was in first year and told him that he wanted a feature from him. Fast forward to 2019, SkaftinNever Know happened. He attributes this to the power of the tongue and putting things out there for the universe to hear. Plus it’s dope to know that Cassper Nyovest endorses him and describes him as a younger version of himself.

Foca revealed that he and his mom were not on talking terms for a while before his fame. “Me and my mom have been fighting since grade 11 that I wanna do music… So I never told her that I’m gonna be on TV or anything and then she was at the airport and she saw 19 Tobetsa (music video) … Coz to her TV is like, you have to work so hard and that was just after I graduated so to her it just didn’t make sense.” He concludes by saying that he had a 20-minute conversation with her where she explains that she wanted him the best for him and at the time, music was not top of mind.

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