DJ Stokie Explains Why He Believes There’s Room For Everyone In Amapiano

DJ Stokie Explains Why He Believes There’s Room For Everyone In Amapiano. DJ Stokie, whose real name is Setoki Mbatha started his career in the 90’s from his room in Mzimhlophe. The self-taught music maestro is inspired by the likes of Soweto’s top DJ’s; Mpopo, Fetsi, Ma-Leven, Mahlomola, Mdoo, amongst others. When it comes to an Amapiano dance mix, DJ and Producer Stokie is in a league of his own.

DJ Stokie who was the forefront of amapiano of Amapiano before it became as popular as it is today, said there is space for everyone in the genre. “Amapiano is going to the world. There is a new sound that is added to the sound every day and everyone is collaborating. Hip-Hop, Afro pop, DeepTech, Deep house artists and producers, they are part of us. I think the production and the dedication the guys are putting into this sound, everyone is working and platforms are now opened for everyone to jump in and create a wave that’s gonna benefit everyone,” he said.

Speaking about the new editions this year, the jock said it should be interesting to see the kind of feel they are bringing to the table. “It’s going to be different, Shimza is coming with Afrotech, Musa Keys and I are on Amapiano. Even though Musa is more into the commercial side of the sound and I will come with the exclusive feel vibes. This Ballantine’s There’s No Wrong Way to Remix partnership is amazing and we will be giving people something different and unexpected. The campaign has given us the platform to showcase our talent of production and we are getting gigs and more visibility from it,” he added.

Stokie’s success traces back to 2006 when he became a finalist in the Mad Half Hour, a feature on Joburg’s popular youth station, YFM. Stokie’s debut album, Amapiano Movement Volume 1 Mixed by DJ Stokie showcases a unique mix selection of vocal drum and tribal bass, which unearths a progressive Amapiano sound.

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