Check Out Uncle Waffles’ Accolades Since Her DJ Career Started

Check Out Uncle Waffles’ Accolades Since Her DJ Career Started. Uncle Waffles real name Langelihle Zwane went from begging to play a 5-minute set in a club to becoming one of the most booked DJs in the country in a matter of days. Uncles Waffles’s viral video of her dancing to chart-topping amapiano song “Adiwele” by Young Stunna and Kabza De Small made her the talk of the town.The video has been highly viewed, it is currently sitting on 4.2 million views on Twitter, a d was followed by Canadian rapper Drake on Instagram.

Since blowing into fame about a month ago, the star has achieved a lot till date. She has received an accolades of her success and achievements, which includes 20 million views on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter; trending number 1 on Twitter, being verified on Twitter, 200k followers on Instagram, featured articles and having an Africa tour. Check it out:

Last month Uncle Waffles took social media by storm with her infectious dance moves as she deejayed in front of a packed crowd.Now, the DJ has been officially verified on Twitter.Having a blue tick next to your name on social media may not be a big deal for some, but it was something worth celebrating for Uncle Waffles.

Since Uncle Waffles went viral her career has sky rocketed, she most recently performed in Ghana at an event called Amapiano and Brunch.Her recent success has been met with a few comments from naysayers, who questioned whether her success was due to “pretty privilege” or not.The DJ, however continues to show critics that she is talented and has the skills that are needed to become a good DJ.

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