Cassper Responds To Claims That Uncle Waffles Is Stealing Young Stunna’s Shine

Cassper Responds To Claims That Uncle Waffles Is Stealing Young Stunna’s Shine. Uncle Waffles, whose real name is Lungelihle Zwane, took social media by storm with her infectious dance moves as she deejayed in front of a packed crowd. Waffles’s viral video of her dancing to chart-topping amapiano song “Adiwele” by Young Stunna and Kabza De Small made her the talk of the town.The video has been highly viewed, it is currently sitting on 4.2 million views on Twitter and one of those views is from international rapper, Drake himself.

When she thrust into the spotlight a couple of months ago her signature song was Adiwele by Youngstunna ft Kabza De Small and it took Mzansi by storm. Now that the song has gained her critical acclaim in showbiz, tweeps are wondering if that’s the only song she prefers on her sets. Not only that, some people on social media started claiming that she is stealing the shine from Young Stunna who is behind the hit single. Cassper however, went to social media to defend the rising star saying it is not her fault that her video playing the song went viral.”Uncle waffles didn’t mean for her video to even trend, she was doing what she loved & she did it with such passion that we all fell in love with her. Week in, week out yall talking shit about the poor girl. Next week yall tweeting depression is real. Let her have a her moment!!!”

Even though there’s more to her DJ sets than Adiwele, she has been riding the Adiwele wave since a video of her went viral on social media and drew the attention of American rapper Drake.Tweeps are in a raging debate about Waffles’ continued spinning and dancing to the same song. While some may be dissing her on the sly, other tweeps said she is securing the bag and all the talk doesn’t matter, because she’s getting booked

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