Lady Du Reveals The Number of Qualifications She Has

Lady Du Reveals The Number of Qualifications She Has. Dudu Ngwenya aka Lady Du is one of those artists whose breakthrough took a while for her to finally get her to where she is. Today, she has some of the biggest top charting hits within the Amapiano scene.

Lady Du took to social media to reveal the number of qualifications she has obtained thus far. The star said she has 19 qualifications and she is not just a musician, also noting that she has worked within multiple industries. “I take everything I do serious, you can put me anywhere, I have 19 qualifications, I’m not just a musician!!!! I’ve worked with cars, in logistics, in the beauty industry, I have a fire fighting qualification, health and safety, anatomy and physiology. NOT THE NORMAL ONE ke mina,” she wrote.

Born and raised in Vosloorus, Gauteng, Lady Du has always been sure about the path she wanted to take. “I have always wanted to be a musician. I was involved in singing, DJing, and dance from a young age and it’s all I dreamt about all my life,” Lady Du says.

But like any protective parent, her dad DJ Choc, wanted her to get an education so she could have something to fall back on. After high school, she received a bursary from Carnival City to study somatology in London. She spent a year travelling 108 countries as a cosmetologist and skin therapist on a cruise ship. “Travelling opened up my eyes and exposed me to different cultures. But I was doing it for the money, so I can invest in my music career,” Lady Du said.

For years, Lady Du struggled with getting her big break. “I was doing music, but I was not quite breaking into the mainstream. I had struggled for more than 20 years. Everyone knew me but I never became the IT girl,” she said.

In 2016 Lady Du took up a job as a logistics manager and worked a nine-to-five job while still pursuing music. This was until 2020 when she got a call from Mr JazziQ and her music career has been skyrocketing.

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