Musa Keys Explains How He Met Sir Trill And How The Song ‘Vula Mlomo’ Came About

Musa Keys Explains How He Met Sir Trill And How The Song ‘Vula Mlomo’ Came About. Musa Keys real name Musa Makamu has been making music for the past seven years and he recalled that despite the waves that he is making, he produced his first song at the age of 14 years. He has gained recognition across the country with his catchy music, more especially his hit single Vula Mlomo¬†where he featured Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi.

Speaking on meeting vocalist and songwriter Sir Trill, Musa Keys gave props to Trill explaining how he got to work with him. “Sir Trill is running the country I don’t wanna lie. I met Trill on Instagram. So what happened was that I was at my mentors place, and I heard one song with Sir Trill’s vocals and my mentor was like ‘yoo work with this guy ASAP’. I was like ‘okay, whatever dawg because I wasn’t feeling him. Then a few day later, my friend who sends me unreleased songs, sent me a few songs, and I was like ‘who is this guy?’ when they said it’s Sir Trill I was ‘ehh this Trill guy is too much’. I sent him a DM and we spoke on WhatsApp and spoke about meeting, but we had been postponing,,” he explained.

Speaking on how his hit single ‘Vula Mloko’ came about, Musa said: “Then Major League DJz call me to pull up to their studio. The other people they called to the studio was Nobantu Vilakazi, so Nbantu called Sir Trill, and to him and I it was that thing that we were supposed to meet up. But we said we’re here to do Major League’s sh*t and not our sh*t. But the day was not productive, it was around 3am and Sir Trill was made saying ‘these broers are chilling with huns and they called me here to come waste my time’. Then we said ‘let’s do our music’. I did the beats, he got on the mic and started recording same time. Then we made a full song(Vula Mlomo) then I added the bass. We recorded the song. Ehh that guy surprised me, it’s like he doesn’t sit down and think about the lyrics, he just does it on the spot and sings. That song was never planned, it just happened.”

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