Here’s How Bizizi Got Her Big Break

Here’s How Bizizi Got Her Big Break. Bizizi real name Buhle Zizi is known to everyone in the SA music industry for her contribution to the amapiano scene. Lots of her artistic creation has made a hit as she has started in the music industry at her raw age. Bizizi’s success in the music industry was a result of pure luck.

Bizizi said it all started when she tagged along with a friend who was asked to bring budding vocalists to a studio. The studio happened t be owned by DJ Cleo. She said: “He told me and two women we were with to sing something and he was happy with what I brought to the table. Then he asked me if I was interested in recording a song with them the following week. The rest is history.”

The Bizizi is a public relations graduate from Varsity College, who started working with the legendary DJ Cleo in 2016. Her first single, Thuso Phala featuring DJ Cleo, DJ Bucks and the Destruction Boys made waves in the music industry. Music runs in my blood. After graduating I got a job and resigned after a year and started focusing on music, DJ Cleo introduced me to the music industry. Amapiano dominates the music industry,” said Kagiso.

Bizizi’s most famous amapiano song is ‘Kokota Piano’ where she collaborate with Kaygee. They made waves when they released their song Kokota piano and soon it became a summer hit. Not long after that, they dropped their song Tikoloshi and they haven’t stopped making hits since. “We met as dancers and after I took a break from dancing I started making hip-hop music, by the time I met Bizizi she was working with DJ Cleo making Gqom music. Before becoming a duo, we started with a collaboration. After seeing that we worked well together we decided to combine our talents,” Kaygee said.

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