DJ Maphorisa Explains What Makes The Collaboration Of Scorpion Kings Work

DJ Maphorisa Explains What Makes The Collaboration Of Scorpion Kings Work. One of the biggest amapiano collaborations ‘Scorpion Kings’ consisting of Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, has played a huge part in growing the amapiano movement and introducing it to a wider audience. They have both released some of the hottest tracks that kept Mzansi entertained even during the pandemic. It is because of their contribution, together with others of course, that the amapiano growth was not negatively impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns.

DJ Maphorisa has collaborated extensively with Kabza De Small, and the duo’s collaboration has been smooth sailing ever since. Commenting on this, Maphorisa said: “With my experience, I was able to share a lot of knowledge with Kabza. I’ve seen a lot of loopholes in how people run record labels and treat artists, so it was important that I pass on that information! Travelling also opened my eyes to how best to navigate the music industry. In LA, for example, I realised that you can be a big artist and not write your own songs.”

“In South Africa, most musicians think they have to write, produce and engineer their own tracks. Travelling has also taught me that we need to introduce some major changes soon because the music game has long changed. First up, don’t sign with a major label — you can own your masters and get a distribution deal. Plus, social media and streaming platforms are good tools for growing music. Technology is moving us forward. I helped Kabza apply a lot of the lessons I was teaching him — they worked and I’m really proud of him. Going forward, the music business will be easier for the next generation of artists!”

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