DBN Gogo Claps Back At Assumptions That She Was Gifted Her New Car By Her Politician Father

DBN Gogo Claps Back At Assumptions That She Was Gifted Her New Car By Her Politician Father. DBN Gogo has taken the DJing scene by storm since her introduction to the game. Having played at events such as Ultra, Oppikoppi, Homecoming Africa & worked with brands such as Strawberry Lips & Ray-Ban, she has been able to do everything her way. DBN Gogo real name Mandisa Radebe is the daughter of former South African minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe, however, this was discovered later after her career had already taken off.

DBN Gogo has once again had to shut down naysayers for turning a blind eye to her hard work and instead credit her politically-connected family for her growing fame and success, and this time, her brand new luxurious BMW car. The star took to social media on Friday, 30 July, to show off her brand new set of wheels, while others were congatlating her for the achivement, others dscredited fher own har work. One critic insinuated that she probably managed to buy the car only because her father is Jeff Radebe. However, Mandisa was not in those moods, as she clapped back saying, “This chat is so tired come with something better.” See tweets:

In a chat with TshisaLIVE, the hitmaker and co-creator of the #DakiweChallenge laid down her truth on the matter, slamming all assumptions that she got some advantage because of her parents. “I started from the bottom and what my family represents due to their occupation has had no impact on my career. Instead, my parents only found out a year ago that I was taking DJing as a serious profession. I can thank my friends in the music industry for assisting me and providing an opportunity for me to participate and show off my talent,” she said. DBN Gogo also said that her hard work will always speak for her and that her legacy will be described as the “jam-packed entertainer”.

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