Cassper Goes On A Recruitment Spree For Amapiano

Cassper Goes On A Recruitment Spree For Amapiano. Amapiano has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, genres in the country with a wide range of artists, producers and vocalists with it present on radio, and dominating groove too. As a result, artists from other genres have made a cross-over into amapiano.

Cassper took to social media recruiting other artist to joining the piano wave, noting that the genre is doing good and as a result, sells. “Come to piano boys!!! Its nice here!!! The music speaks for itself. If it’s hot it sells, if it’s not it doesn’t. No politics can stop a hot song. The people decide. Just make Amapiano, you’ll thank me later!!!,” Cassper wrote.

This comes after rapper Reason announced that he is join the wave and that he is re-branding and will go under his new moniker, Sizwe Alakine. Reason has been leading the charge for rappers in the local industry to jump on various genres when it comes to making music. When Cassper initially did “Monate Mpolaye” with DJ Sumbody in 2018, he faced a backlash from many members of the hip hop fraternity for jumping on the then foreign amapiano genre; now many people have had a change of heart.

Taking to Twitter, @Lbaja_4770 mentioned how many rappers that were subtweeting Cassper about making amapiano music and can’t wait to see what they say about Reason’s re-branding effort. Cassper quote tweeted the user’s post and said: “They aren’t gonna say s**t. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who is doing it. The truth is I am the pulse. I am soo connected 2 da culture that I can’t set a foot wrong. They always criticise in the beginning but they always follow. It don’t matter no more doe, it’s adapt or die” (sic).

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