Prince Kaybee Weighs On Busta 929’s Saga And Says Celebrities Are Stakeholders Of The Rape Culture

Prince Kaybee Weighs On Busta 929’s Saga And Says Celebrities Are Stakeholders Of The Rape Culture. Music producer and Disc Jockey Prince Kaybee who continues to join the rest of Mzansi in the conversation around rape and how the justice system deals with the horrific act.

Prince Kaybee replied to a social media user who wrote, “People busy talking about Konka and Shimza but not talking about Busta 929 being with 14 year olds doesn’t make sense to me. WTF.” He blamed celebrities of taking advantage of young, vulnerable girls. “Remember young girls see hanging out with celebrities as cool, whats unfortunate is that celebrities are stakeholders of the rape culture and taking advantage of young women, Dj’s especially. So in this case I guess Busta 929 is a fave so no one cares,” he wrote.

This comes after DJ and music producer Busta 929 topped the trends list on social media for being accused of allegedly preying on young girls aged 14. According to the video that surfaced, it shows young girls whom social media users believe to be by the age of 14, dancing(one in towel) while drinking alcohol. According to some reports, the young girls were at his apartment for days while they were reported missing by their parents. Busta is now being accused of keeping minors at his house and exposing them to substances. @cloutduke posted the video, together with a thread and captioned it: “@busta_929 this is some R Kelly shit. Kanti aboBusta banjan madoda?”

Months ago, a lady known as Madikizela had accused both DJs of raping her and her friends during a time out when the ladies were under the influence of alcohol. Prince Kaybee showed his support to the victims, despite both Euphonik and Fresh having denied the allegations at the time, with DJ Fresh emphatically stating he doesn’t know the lady. She had reported the case to the police this year and it was taken up. Following the dismissal of the case against them, the pair had released a joint statement in which they expressed sadness that GBV has been used as a tool to malign their integrity. They thanked those who supported them through the crisis.

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