Maphorisa’s Second Attempt On Convincing Shimza To Join Amapiano

Maphorisa’s Second Attempt On Convincing Shimza To Join Amapiano. DJ Maphorisa who is the forefront and pioneer of amapiano has been releasing timeless amapiano music which helped in popularising and growing the amapiano movement. He and other amapiano pioneers have already started introducing amapiano internationally, and Maphorisa wishes nothing but growth for amapiano.

Maphorisa will not be giving up anytime soon to convince DJ Shimza to join the amapiano movement. This comes after Shimza took to social media pleased with a DJ who was killing it on set and shared the vieo captioned: “This is the most entertaining video I’ve watched today! The timing, technique and composure kills me!!! There are really dope djs out there!!!” Maphorisa retweeted Shimza’s post stating he should do piano. See tweet:

One of the most beloved and prominent deejays in South Africa is the dashing DJ Shimza. He is popular in South Africa due to his breathtaking performances throughout the country. Ashley Raphala, popularly known as DJ Shimza, laughed off Maphorisa’s second attempt at convincing him to join the yanos, “you trying so hard, waitsi wa zama.” See reply.

The second attempt to convince Shimza to join the amapiano train comes after the first failed attempt when Maphorisa urged other DJs in the South African music industry, including Black Coffee, Shimza and Heavy K to join the Amapiano movement. Maphorisa said wrote on Facebook, “I wish Shimza, Heavy K le bo Black Coffee badlale amapiano. It would mean a lot for the movement ya amapiano.” Shimza crushed the advice, saying it is not necessary for all musicians to do the genre. He replied: “We can’t all do the same thing because we all have different goals and paths in our careers ma brother.  You guys are doing perfectly fine without us and it’s amazing to watch from the outside! Keep going! We here to support.”

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