Khuli Chana Reacts To His First Amapiano Single Milestone

Khuli Chana Reacts To His First Amapiano Single Milestone. South African rapper Khuli Chana has officially joined the amapiano train following his first amapiano single titled ‘Buyile’. The banger was produced by amapiano mainstay Tyler ICU and features Lady Du and Stino Le Thwenny. Khuli Chana has made a return from a two-year hiatus tapping into the current biggest and growing genre, amapiano. ‘Buyile’ loosely translated, the song’s means “returned”.

It has only been three weeks since the official music video was officially dropped, however, the music video seems to be well received by fans as it has reached the 300k views mark on YouTube. Khuli Chana took to social media to thank South Africa in a tweet that reads: “#Buyile is sitting on 300K views in 3 weeks Dankie @StinoLeThwenny , @Tyler_ICU & @Ladydu10 South Africa Ke a Leboga.”

Speaking on his forthcoming amapiano album, Khuli Chana aka Khuli Yano said, “I think as a musician you need to be free and open minded and to be fun. What I found was that hip-hop was not fun for me anymore. The culture of politics, always competing, competition that is not healthy. Who has got more money than who to egos. Every time I have done something that is authentically South African, I have always won. Always. That means that is what people love about me. That is what they love about the music like its home brewed, kea mo gae (it is home).”

A decade into his solo career, the track speaks to the rapper’s growing flexibility with genres. Khuli Chana’s ability to fuse the popular amapiano genre into his relaxed motswako rap style has all the makings of a hit. Whatever sound that becomes popular, Khuli says there is absolutely nothing wrong with an artists experimenting with it. He admits though that there was a period in his music career when he became a bit of island.

Watch the music video here:

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