Is Khuli Chana Considering Doing A Remix Of His Amapiano Single?

Is Khuli Chana Considering Doing A Remix Of His Amapiano Single? South African rapper Khuli Chana decided it was high time that he jumped into the amapiano train, thus has officially releasing his first single of 2021 titled Buyile. The banger was produced by amapiano mainstay Tyler ICU and features Lady Du and Stino Le Thwenny. Khuli Chana took some time off and re-strategised his career, but now he’s back and has re-invented himself. Khuli Chana, aka Khuli Yano as he refers to himself currently, returned after a two-year hiatus with a banger that marries kwaito and amapiano.

Following the success of his first amapiano sindle ‘Buyile’ and having amassed over 300k views on YouTube, Khuli Chana took to his Twitter account to ask his fans if whether he should make a remix of the track. He captioned, “Do we need a remix for #Buyile I don’t know.”

Buyile is an exciting collaboration between a veteran and New Age artists. Earlier this year, Stino Le Thwenny featured Khuli Chana alongside K.O on Mshimane 2.0, the remix of their hit Mshimane. Currently, Tyler ICU seems to be the bridge between hip hop and amapiano after producing other similar genre-crossing tracks β€” Dr Peppa’s What It Is and Riky Rick’s Ungazincishi. On Buyile, he delivers another potential hit aided by the familiarity of Lady Du’s vocals.

While some fans agreed on the remix part, they suggested artists he should consider doing the remix with, however, Khuli Chana seemingly agreed with those who said they like the song as it is. One fan wrote, “Khuli, please do not ruin this song man. I have BIG contacts and I will speak with my squad to make sure this remix doesn’t happen. We love it this way.” Here are some reactions Khuli Chana agreed with:

Another fan wrote, “I honestly think the song is perfect, it does not need a remix. Hayi yebo hayi yebo! Nobody can top that.”

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