Here’s Why Don Laka Wants To Call DJ Maphorisa To Give Him “Smaller-Nyana Advice”

Here’s Why Don Laka Wants To Call DJ Maphorisa To Give Him “Smaller-Nyana Advice”. DJ Maphorisa, who’s long earned his belt for pumping out hits for almost a decade has become a legendary haven for artists, both up-and-coming and established, that pass through it helped introduce amapiano to a wider audience. He has cemented himself as one of the most sought-after DJs in the South African Entertainment Industry. His major source of income is from the proceeds of the records he produces. He’s worked on the albums and singles of influential artists both locally and internationally. Considering the consumption of amapiano at the moment, DJ Maphorisa is one of those DJs who are making a killing this the luxurious lifestyle and expensive clothes.

Jazz Musician Don Laka said, “Instead of seizing the opportunity to promote his own new brand or one of clothing as his legacy and promoting his own county… Maybe I will call him and give him some smaller-nyana advice.” He further went on to say, “did he ever tried it?How will he know?Whe you creat a brand you enter into a competition just like making music you don’t say I won’t until you have exhausted all marketing and being unique.”

This comes after Maphorisa replied to a fan who asked, “When are you wearing @DRIPFootWear or @bathu_sa? You not different to locals that don’t listen to local music busy acting like ambassadors who don’t even consider us as a market.” Thi follows after DJ Maphorisa posted snaps of himself wearing international brand ‘Dior’ and replied, “ur pockets n my pockets a not da same also its a choice i wear diesgner clothes clearly u should knw me by now Fucken Relax.”

Maphorisa shares snaps of himself dripping in expensive and internationally branded clothes giving his fans a glimpse of his luxurious lifestyle.

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