Focalistic Shares His Excitement Of Being Part Of Bonang’s Inner Circle

Focalistic Shares His Excitement Of Being Part Of Bonang’s Inner Circle. Focaistic’s transition from Hip Hop to amapiano has gained him much nod from both local and internationals stars. He continues to rap in S’pitori—a vernacular spoken in Pretoria townships made up of a variety of South African languages, mostly Sesotho, Setswana and tsotsitaal (slang). His flows contorts accordingly to sit over the undulating beats. Hip-hop, old school kwaito and Pitori’s Barcadi house music are some of the genres he references.

Focalistic has become one artist to look out for in the music streets and he is confident that one day he will be the greatest African artist and with all the work he is putting it’s highly possible. Even media personality Bonang Matheba thinks Focalistic is destined for great things. Focalistic has once again seen himself in Bonang Matheba’ inner circle. The star said Bonang popping up on his notifiations was one of his favourite notifications. See story:

This is not the first time Focalistic has eanred recgnition and support from Bonang Matheba. Focalistic’s rack, Ke Star which got Mzansi grooving, Bonong was just as taken by the skills of the young muso – so much so, that Queen B took to social media to let him know he’s destined for greatness. Fans and followers of Bonang know quite well that compliments like this don’t come easy and this prompted Focalistic to ask: “Am I dreaming?”

Bonang commented on the Pitori native’s Instagram post and let him know to keep soaring and called him a superstar. A nod from her Bonang is pretty much a big deal, and Focalistic was left feeling like he was dreaming after seeing the comment who wouldn’t be. See tweet:

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