DJ Maphorisa On Why He Chooses To Wear International Luxury Brands Over Local Brands

DJ Maphorisa On Why He Chooses To Wear International Luxury Brands Over Local Brands. South African popular Disk Jockey (DJ), DJ Maphorisa has cemented himself as one of the most sought-after DJs in the South African Entertainment Industry. His major source of income is from the proceeds of the records he produces. He’s worked on the albums and singles of influential artists both locally and internationally. Considering the consumption of amapiano at the moment, DJ Maphorisa is one of those DJs who are making a killing this the luxurious lifestyle and expensive clothes.

Maphorisa replied to a fan who asked, “When are you wearing @DRIPFootWear or @bathu_sa? You not different to locals that don’t listen to local music busy acting like ambassadors who don’t even consider us as a market.” This comes after DJ Maphorisa posted snaps of himself wearing international brand ‘Dior’. “ur pockets n my pockets a not da same also its a choice i wear diesgner clothes clearly u should knw me by now Fucken Relax,” Maphorisa replied. See tweets:

Maphorisa usually posts snaps of himself giving his fans a glimpse of his luxurious lifestyle and international tours of course. The star has made a name for himself in the music industry, and although he has been in the music space for a while now, the recent amapiano wave made him one of the biggest DJs on demand at the moment.

As a professional DJ and record producer, his records form his major assets. He founded his own record label called BlaqBoy Records. Under this label he signs and manages artists who he finds interest in. He also makes some cool cash from his YouTube and sales of his songs on digital music stores.

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