Busta 929 Reveals The Amapiano Artists He Wants A Boxing Match With

Busta 929 Reveals The Amapiano Artists He Wants A Boxing Match With. Busta 929 also known as the man behind beats of one of the biggest amapiano songs of 2020 ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ by Mpura and Busta which featured the likes of Mr JazziQ, Lady Du, Reece Madlisa and Zuma. The song blew up, and attracted fame and attention to all artists featured, and later was followed by conspiracy theories of the message behind the song.

Although conspiracy theories behind the lyrics of ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ was cleared out by Amaroto duo, Reece Madlisa and Zuma, there seems to be unknown unresolved issues between Busta 929 and Amaroto. Following the trending celebrity ‘Boxing Match’ idea which was Cassper Nyovest’s idea, Busta took to social media to share that he wants a boxing match with Amaroto(Reece Madlisa and Zuma). See tweet:

According to MacG on hi podcast, Busta 929 had previously allegedly tweeted something that was directed to Reece Madlisa which stated: “Leska tagwa ke fame bafana baka, why you @reecemadlisa, approach me if you have a problem with me rather than talk sh*t about me. You come to me running like a headless chicken when you want beats from me. Don’t let fame control you.”

Reece explained that he has nothing against Busta. “I don’t know, but I don’t think that’s Busta talking there. I don’t know but Busta is my homeboy, we’re good and we are on talking terms, and I don’t have a problem with him.”

Zuma added that they are not too much on Twitter since they know how Twitter is. “We told each other to do our own thing and never mind what someone else says, you get me. Even that tweet, it wasn’t a tweet, but it came from Instagram. It came from a minor understanding but it became this big. We are able to move on from someone telling us that they saw this type of tweet by Busta. But Busta would be able to call us and check if we are okay, whether we’re going to work and what not. Twitter is something far from our minds, hustle is what brought us here.”

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