Busta 929 Receives Backlash From Black Twitter Following A Statement He Issued

Busta 929 Receives Backlash From Black Twitter Following A Statement He Issued. DJ and music producer Busta 929 has been the talk of town and trending on social media following his hit single ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ and he is trending once again, and this time for the wrong reasons. Amapiano artist Busta 929 has found himself in hot water.

Buta 929 is being dragged by Black Twitter following a statement he released breaking his silence to allegations of intoxicating and kidnapping minors. Busta issued a statement on Thursday evening, 17 June, admitting to taking underage girls home without their parents’ consent and his reasons for doing so have left social media users speechless. The statement reads: “The team and I came across the young women whilst driving from a night out. Whilst having a conversation with them, one of the young ladies expressed interest in doing music with Busta 929. It is for this reason that we took her and her friends home with us,” explained the DJ

Busta 929 went on the claim that they were recording music and that that was what was shown in the video, which he said was captured in the presence of his girlfriend. Busta 929 went on to say that the girls were only with him for two days and he apologised for what he called “an oversight” for not thinking about informing their parents of their whereabouts. He concluded the statement by claiming that no underage drinking took place and that the parents of the girls in question were consulted on the contents of the supposed music release.

This comes after a video clip of an Instagram Livefeed surfaced, which in the video clip, three very young girls are seen dancing to music at an apartment, one of them dressed in a towel. Busta, dressed in a mustard t-shirt, can be seen blowing on hookah smoke as he engages one of the girls. Moreover, reports on social media indicate that the three girls were being sought by police after their parents filed missing person’s cases on Friday 11 June 2021.

Social media users were just not having Busta’s statement. One user wrote: “Why didn’t you allow them to drink?Is it because you knew they were minors?So if they were too young to drink,why were they old enough to be at your place for 2 days recording without the knowledge of their parents not to mention relevant legislation that prohibits child labor?” Here are more reactions:

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