Top 3 Richest Amapiano Artists: Part 2

Top 3 Richest Amapiano Artists: Part 2. Amapiano sub-genre has made amapiano artists and producers gained so much fame and wealth, considering that it has millions of keen ears. The sound has grown so much that you cannot miss an amapiano track being played at groove on weekends.

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Here are three more richest amapiano artists:


Lethabo Sebetso, professionally known as Focalistic and fondly referred to as the Pitori Maradona, is a South African recording artist and performer who has been hitting the industry for a while now. He is a recognised artist in Africa and to the rest of the world. The star has recently been touring Africa, performing on major stages and collaborating with some of the industry icons outside Mzansi. He recently bought himself a new whip that fans can’t help but stan. See his cars below:

Mr JazziQ

Tumelo Manyoni famously know as Mr JazziQ makes the list as one of the richest amapiano artists in South Africa. One cannot deny how much he has helped upcoming artists prosper into the music industry. He has a record label called ‘Black is Brown’ which has some of the biggest amapiano songs released under it. He is known for discovering the likes of Lady Du, Mpura, Busta 929, Zuma and Reece Madlisa. Specifically, he wants to turn his label, Black is Brown Entertainment “into the biggest label in the world. Not just the biggest label in South Africa – but the biggest in the world,” he emphasises. His lifestyle is one that fans can’t help but envy.

Major League DJz

Major Lague DJz duo have completely revolutionised kwaito music into the modern urban culture of music. The band’s popularity clearly shows that they are worth following and listening to, and they are also the Mzansi entertainment bosses. The duo own luxurious cars and accommodations, not forgetting their lifestyle touring Africa and America where they were born. The South African DJs took to Instagram to share their Audi R8 and Their Rolls Royce,  but they probably have more than this, a tour bus is probably included in this collection. The twins also own their record label ‘Major League DJ’ record label which has multiple artists signed under it.

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