Mr JazziQ Explains Why JazziDisciples Rejected Signing Under Any Record Label

Mr JazziQ Explains Why JazziDisciples Rejected Signing Under Any Record Label. JazziDisciples was an amapiano DJ and producer duo that composed of two record producers known by their stage names Mr JazziQ and Josiah De Disciple. The pair have come a long way and have cultivated a following as a duo. The duo released a lot of songs that Mzansi is still dancing to till date.

When they were still popular Mr JazziQ revealed that a lot of record labels approached. “I even lost count of the number of record labels that tried to convince us to sign under them. I have my own record label (Black is Brown) and I have been in the game for too long to know everything that goes on in the music industry. So I would ask them what it is they would give us that we don’t have because I have everything. When they approach us, they would fine me and I’d say no,” JazziQ said.

The duo announced last year 2020, after a successful journey that they had decided to split and work on their individual careers. The release of solo projects also meant that the public would finally get to truly know who is who with in the duo. This slip could also mean that they could be trying to cultivate separate fan bases and this will allow each disciple to stand on their own if they ever decide to ever split. The release of the hit-single raised questions if the group was separating, but JazziQ said it was an agreement from both to release individual music projects.

“We decided to move from JazziDisciples mainly because we did not want to be glued together as we both believe that we have the potential to grow as individuals, being a duo has taught us both new and entertaining ways to do music, I am grateful for that. Our journey has been bumpy and tricky because we had to fight for recognition while playing a genre that was still new to the ears of many but it is undoubtedly one of the best genres in the country, mainly because it’s brewed here,” JazziQ said.

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