Kamo Mphela Explains Why She Wouldn’t Smash Cassper Nyovest

Kamo Mphela Explains Why She Wouldn’t Smash Cassper Nyovest. South African dancer and vocalist Kamo Mphela who became an internet celebrity after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account has been the talk of town since breaking into the music scene. She has also become an entertaining YouTuber with some of her friends.

Kamo Mphela was playing a ‘smash or pass or drink game’ where she was revealing how she felt about some industry and entertainment mates. When asked if whether she would smash or pass Cassper Nyovest, Kamo openly answered saying she would pass Cassper. “Pass – Personally… Well Cassper is cool and everything, but naaah, he doesn’t give me that thing. I’m not saying he doesn’t have that thing but for me, naaah, she said.”

She further went to comment on Andile Mpisane’s picture, where she said that she would pass him. Although, the two have been recently rumoured to be dating. Rumor has it that Andile Mpisane is dating Kamo Mphela, and apparently the two had been dating for months. According to news24, sources in their circle have revealed that they have bee secretly dating for months and that the young couple could not keep their hands off each other when they were spotted at a luxurious nightclub in Morningside, Durban about a month ago.

A picture of NaakMuiq, DJ Maphorisa and KillaKau appeared where she was supposed to give an answer, Kamo said pass to all of these artists. Despite their popularity and being known for being liked by women, Kamo said she still pass on them. She also mentioned that as much as they would be good looking or have whatever factor that most women are attracted in, she said she knows their skeletons considering that she works with them.

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