Josiah De Disciple And Mr JazziQ’s Beef Is Allegedly Over A Woman

Josiah De Disciple And Mr JazziQ’s Beef Is Allegedly Over A Woman. The music group JazziDisciples broke the hearts of many music lovers when they announced their split. The duo decided to split to focus on their individual music careers. The duo said they will still come together to create magic. However, there seems to be more to the story than what most know.

Although the duo split on good terms last year, there is more to the story than what most know. The duo allegedly dated the same woman, whom at a later stage became Josiah’s baby mama. According to MacG on his latest podcast and chill, Josiah left the “guys” for a woman.

“Jazzi and Josiah were dating the same girl, knowingly, and then Josiah caught feelings and that happens to be his baby mama. So Josiah caught feelings and decided to tell the guys that he wants to focus on his baby mama and his family and take a break from music. The guys were pissed since Josiah was the engine. The song ‘Mama’ by Josiah was a song about his baby mama because she is into the streets. So the song is Josiah’s cry for help because his baby mama is into blessers and during lockdown, she left hi with the kid and went to back to the streets. On ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ on Mpura’s second verse, he jabs about Josiah saying you thought we were gonna be down and out, but look at us now we f***ing sh*t up, and talking about a baby,” MacG said.

It seems the chances of the two ever coming together to create music together are slim. The two have since created their solo albums following their split and that seems to have created more beef between the two artists. The beef was later fuelled by Josiah’s claims that he carried the JazziDisciples group alone. Josiah’s claims caused a lot of controversies, with fans having to pick sides.

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