Bonang Matheba Reveals And Shows Love To Her Favourite Amapiano Artist

Bonang Matheba Reveals And Shows Love To Her Favourite Amapiano Artist. Pitori Maradonna, aka Focalistic has been making waves since the day he broke into fame. The star has also done well for himself in the music industry, from releasing top chatting hits to collaborations outside South Africa to international recognition. He has become Mzansi’s favourite muso, following his hit songs that have kept Mzansi dancing even during the pandemic.

The ‘Ke Star’ hit maker has become one artist to look out for in the music streets and he is confident that one day he will be the greatest African artist and with all the work he is putting it’s highly possible. He has got Mzansi grooving and the South African media influencer Bonang Matheba can’t help but stan at him. Bonang is unique in that she’s not just social media famous, but there’s depth to her career and so much more than posts for her fanbase to double-tap. She left a comment revealing that amapiano star, Focalistic is her “favourite guy”.

This is not the first time that Bonang has given compliments and shown love to Focalistic. In 2020, Bonang Matheba was blown away by the skills of the young muso – so much so, that Queen B took to social media to let him know he’s destined for greatness. Fans and followers of Bonang know quite well that compliments like these don’t just come easy and this prompted Focalistic to ask: “Am I dreaming?”

Focalistic broke the internet following his hit song ‘Ke Star’ which made headlines not only in Mzansi, but Nigeria and America. The song was released in April 2020 and it has since reached the masses of the public globally and even earned a spot on the Time Square Billboard in New York, United Sates of America.

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