Black Coffee Participates In #DakiweDanceChallenge On Recent Sensorium Shoot

Black Coffee Participates In #DakiweDanceChallenge On Recent Sensorium Shoot. Multi-award winning DJ and music producer Black Coffee, is set to host a series of exclusive performances in PRISM — the soon-to-launch destination for virtual music events inside social VR platform Sensorium Galaxy. The Sensorium team will produce a photorealistic avatar of Black Coffee using state-of-the-art motion capture technology. The avatar will later be used for pre-recorded and live shows at Sensorium Galaxy virtual stages.

Black Coffee carries his culture wherever he goes and n whatever he does. With amapiano being the biggest sound to ever come from South Africa, Black Coffee decided to incorporate the famous #DakiweChallenge. Dakiwe Challenge comes from a DJ whose star is already on the rise. DBN Gogo, a 29-year-old hitmaker from KwaZulu-Natal, has created a phenomenon with her new groove. The dance challenge has gripped Mzansi and led to hundreds of fans partaking in the challenge dancing to the hit song Dakiwe by DJ DBN Gogo and Lady Du. “While shooting for @SensoruimGalaxy decided to do the @DBNGOGO challenge,” Black Coffee tweeted.

Sensorium Galaxy revolutionizes digital communication as we know it today, uniting people through quality virtual experiences. The endless opportunities provided by virtual reality enable Black Coffee to produce shows using special effects. Billions of fans will be able to interact in exciting new ways with his art, jumping on stage right next to him or even experiencing the shows through Black Coffee’s eyes.

“So exciting to see Sensorium is leveraging the power of music and technology to bring people together. While the pandemic brought a divide in unity physically, a platform like this can reunite those connections whilst removing the physical limitations of the real world. I’m so excited to be a part of this exciting journey into the VR world,” Black Coffee said.

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