Sha Sha On How She Met DJ Maphorisa

Sha Sha On How She Met DJ Maphorisa. Amapiano singer Sha Sha has made a mark for herself in the amapiano industry. She has also been recognised outside South Africa. She has earned the ‘Queen of Amapiano‘ nickname and recorded many smah hits in the biggest musical movement in southern Africa.

Sha Sha says she used make a lot of pop and R&B tracks when she was still at home and not one of them was amapiano and that wha was polished her vocals. till she got to South Africa. “I had a regular taxi driver in Joburg whom I shared my story with and he coincidentally knew DJ Maphorisa. I call this just being at the right place at the right time. The driver was kind enough to introduce me to Maphorisa and that’s where it started. I started laying down vocals in the studio, Kabza did his thing and that’s how it began,” She said.

“Amapiano is a vibe, it speaks for our culture, especially if you listen to the language used. The production and instruments are its own thing, and it shows a different side of Africa. The majority of it is African with a modern twist. I see it becoming very big as it goes on and threads itself into the international music scene. It captures the spirit of Africa because we’re all just really blessed people,” Sha Sha added.

She also spoke on her working relationship with Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, she said: “Hard work. Those guys work hard, and so do I, and we love where we’re from. So it shows in our work. It’s made with genuine passion and love. I love amapiano and the success it has brought me, and the success it will keep bringing me. But most of all I love music. Being called the Queen of Amapiano is actually an honour because it means I am part of a legacy or history. That’s something you can’t really change, which I think is positive.”

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