DJ Big Sky Buys New Set Of Wheels

DJ Big Sky Buys New Set Of Wheels. With DJ, producer, writer, and event planner on his CV as well as a civil engineer diploma Mr big sky is a man that is in his bag! The DJ keeps up with the times and ensures that he always gives his fans music that they can dance to, always.

DJ Big Sky has bought himself a new car, a grey Volkswagen Transporter. Taking to social media, he posted a snap of himself and his son standing next to his brand new set of wheels. The star thanked God for his latest achievement. “Unkulunkulu emuhle njalo,” he wrote.

If you are a DJ BigSky’s follower, by now you already know the love he has for cars more especially VW car brand as he even released a song about cars. DJ Big Sky dropped the hit single ‘Polo’ an Amapiano release that collaborates with the likes of Sbhanga, Robot Boii & Murphy. The music video displays all kinds of VW cars.

The star expressed hi love for VW car brand, more especially polo: “In SA polo drivers have a very bad stigma; either they’re blamed for road accidents or stealing and stressing women so we decided to do a song that celebrates them. I mean it’s a good car, a lot of peoples first car and it’s a very popular car here in SA. It’s either you’ve driven one, you’ve been bumped by one, you’ve been in one or your woman has been taken by one. Either way there’s a connect.”

He also dropped ‘Seng’khathele’ where he lended his voice in the plight to fight the ongoing gender-based violence in the country, with his label Urban Vibes donating a percentage of the proceeds to a GBV Foundation at that time. Listen to the new single which takes a more laid back approach.

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