How Tik Tok Changed The Life Of Amapiano Star Khanyisa Jaceni

How Tik Tok Changed The Life Of Amapiano Star Khanyisa Jaceni. Gen Z and millennials have paved the way for themselves on TikTok. This generation has broken the mould and created new, innovative careers that were not here just a little over a decade ago. Through talent, dedication and often sheer luck, they have become South Africa’s rising stars. With an unemployment rate of 34.5 percent, the platform may be able to create opportunities for young people interested in becoming digital content creators.

Khanyisa Patricia Jaceni, is a South African social media personality mononymously known as Khanyisa, she gained recognition through her TikTok content and later began her musical career in late 2021. Jaceni made her name in the music industry by collaborating with the SA music industry’s heavyweights. An artist and MC, she has shared her musical talents and journey on TikTok during the pandemic and has continued to use the platform to showcase her abilities.

Saul Moross, the content and media partnerships lead for TikTok in Africa, says that the country’s youth have an innate determination to want to move forward and bring about change in many different areas of society. “As a global platform, we are always looking for initiatives to empower this determination and help content creators to capitalise on the burgeoning digital economy by optimising their talents and creativity. We look forward to seeing the next generation of digitally-savvy youth take over the business world,” said Moross.

Speaking on when she realised that Tik Tok can be a career, Jaceni said: “When I received a lump sum from TikTok. I started getting invites to events with famous people. I realised that this is a thing and that people are creating livelihoods out of this.”

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