5 Things You Should Know About Amapiano Star Kay Invictus

5 Things You Should Know About Amapiano Star Kay Invictus. Think of the first amapiano song you ever heard. Chances are that whatever track introduced you to the genre doesn’t sound like the latest you’ve heard from it. Perhaps that’s one of amapiano’s greatest strengths, or what sets it apart from other music genres: its constant mutation and evolution, especially within short periods of time. While the debatable birthplace of the genre often points to townships in Johannesburg, many enthusiasts argue and rather mention those of Pretoria. 

The genre introduced to us, artists like Kay Invictus who has been making waves since he broke into the mainstream. Check out five interesting facts about him:

1 Born Kabelo Pooe in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, Kay Invictus broke into the music scene with a song called ‘Halala’, which showcases his vast musical talent.

2 His passion for music was inspired by his family, especially his father who was an avid record collector and an uncle who was a DJ.

3 In 2021, Kay Invictus joined Black Is Brown Entertainment, in an effort to market his talent and grow his brand.

4 He recently dropped an EP, and the name of the EP was inspired by the artist’s birthday, February 2. “This is his first ever project, and this time, we’ll be getting a rendition of his story and where he draws his inspiration,” Kay Invictus’ team said. “Some notable guests include Sizwe Alakine, M.J, and F3 Dipapa.”

5 He has worked with the likes of Sinovuyo, Sizwe Alakine, M.J, Mr JazziQ and Ugene.

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