Watch! Samthing Soweto Announces The Release Date Of ‘Amagents’

Watch! Samthing Soweto Announces The Release Date Of ‘Amagents’. Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, known professionally as Samthing Soweto, is a South African singer and songwriter. Samthing is best known for his vocals on Sun-El Musician’s song “Akanamali” and his number 1 single on Spotify “Akulaleki”.

Samthing Soweto revealed the release date of his much anticipated forthcoming single titled ‘Amagents’. This comes after the star had taken a break from releasing music due to depression which he openly spoke about with his fans. The single is due to drop on Friday, 24 June. Watch the video below:

Award-winning musician Samthing Soweto recently opened up about his struggle with depression. Taking to social media, the Akulaleki hitmaker said his silence was attributed to thinking he was “wack.” “I’m sorry for the silences. I thought I was wack, but today, I only discovered how dope I am. #depression,” he wrote.

The musician, whose real name is Samkelo Mdolomba, also shared that he was “going through a lot” in a lengthy video he posted on social media. In the video, Mdolomba also shared that what he was going through was “something that most of us go through.”

He made the video in response to concerns fans, followers, and critics raised about his weight loss. Despite “going through a lot,” Mdolomba also said that the changes he made to his lifestyle contributed to his slimmer appearance.

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